The first of its kind. A simple and secure, paperless signing solution, write in your own hands.


Complete the closing process without paper.

Escrow Tab is the real deal. It truly replicates the mortgage document signing process using a proprietary paperless tablet.

Using a go-anywhere, lightweight tablet, your customers will enjoy writing their natural signature. Even make notations or corrections anywhere on page and simply swipe to the next page when ready. It’s as familiar as using paper.


Double-encrypted. Safer than paper.

EscrowTab is double-encrypted, and that means the process is safer than using paper documents, which can be lost, stolen, or even copied without your knowledge.

Escrow Tab assumes liability for a data breach. Even in the event of a physical loss or theft of the tablet itself. The tablet never stores information and it becomes quickly disabled if misplaced.


No paper jams, lost documents or copy repair down-time.

Say goodbye to mountains paper, toner, and repair costs and start thinking about something more useful for all that floor space.

Say hello to Escrow Tab.

The signing process begins when a document has been uploaded to the secure web portal by a lender. Your customer will sign the documents on the tablet with their natural signature – this is not "click-to-sign".

Once signing is completed the documents are returned to their origin in a secure PDF format along with the original (unsigned) document file for reference. This patent pending technology gives the signer a paperless and enjoyable experience and creates a more cost effective closing process for mortgage and escrow businesses.